National Holocaust Remembrance Week

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AuthorHouse Observes National Holocaust Remembrance Week with Surviving AuthorHouse Published Authors

AuthorHouse Publishing was proud to share the legacies saved through the books of Holocaust survivors during National Holocaust Remembrance Week, from April 15-22, 2012. We shared the stories and messages through five books and wanted to share these stories on AuthorHouse Authors in the Spotlight as well to further help pass on their lessons and message for future generations to “never let it happen again.”

Shony A. Braun, My Heart is a Violin: Pulitzer Prize nominated concert violinist and composer, Shony A. Braun, survived being shot in the chest and left to die in Dachau to compose his masterpiece, Symphony of the Holocaust. Read more about Authorhouse author, Shony A. Braun

Ingrid Epstein Elefant, A Time of Silence: Ingrid Epstein Elefant sadly passed away last November. Having survived the Holocaust thanks to the “kindness and generosity of non-Jews,” A Time of Silence is her legacy for future generations. Read more about Authorhouse Author, Ingrid Epstein Elefant

Piri Piroska Bodnar, Out of the Shadows: The Bodnars deliver a message of hope and remembrance springing from their experiences of forced labor, near starvation and transfers from labor camps to death camps. “We must never forget, the Bodnars tell us. For hate in its extreme can take us to the very abyss of inhumanity.” Read more about Authorhouse Author, Piri Piroska Bodnar

David Groen, Jew Face: Groen records his parent’s, Nardus and Sipora Groens’, love story; one of “unimaginable courage in order to avoid detection and almost certain death at the hands of the Nazis.” Read more about Authorhouse Author, David Groen

Alter Wiener, From A Name To A Number: Alter Wiener’s lectures about his experiences have moved 46,000 people to write him letters thanking him for saving them from the depths of despair and even suicide.  Read more about Authorhouse Author, Alter Wiener

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